COVID Thoughts

covid 19 19

The swirling nature of thoughts running through my mind the last few weeks has seemed to settle just long enough for me to start making sense of them.  What was known just a few weeks ago seems to be less and less true with each passing day.  The whole world has been affected by the coronavirus and it seems the world has come to a halt.

Even with all of modern life drastically changed, I do believe the definition of unprecedented holds true, and I must say, these are precedented times.  The major difference being the availability of real time news.  Through technology, the world has shrunk and even amidst our technological advances, we are faced with the reality the body is every bit as human as it has always been. 

Plague of Athens – 430 B.C., Antonine Plague – 165-180 A.D. Influenza pandemic of 1889/1890 and 1918/1919, Asian flu of 1957-1958, H1N1 of 2009-2010.  The link is included here,  Please research for yourselves how disease is nothing new and in fact previous pandemics have proven far more deadly. 

I do not mention various previous pandemics from the ancient world to the present to say the coronavirus is of no concern to us.  A notion that a threat less deadly is no threat at all is ludicrous.  I do mention the previous pandemics to say that we once again have an opportunity to respond to this pandemic appropriately.  What does that mean, specifically to a Christian?   

Right now, through the use of social media, we have a truly unprecedented front row seat to the everyday lives of countless more people than ever before in the history of the world.  No longer can we push past the inconvenience of learning about something that does not affect us.  Thanks to modern travel, this virus has spread to the world in record time. 

Quite literally, the entire world is sick.  The very thought is overwhelming and can seem hopeless.  Yet, it is not hopeless.  Countless government, law, medical, and private sector individuals are stepping up to work toward making the world well.  Pictures of Jesus if you will.  Those who go toward danger. 

Then I had the thought that even when the world is well again from COVID-19, the world will still be very sick.  Only this sickness cannot be cured with medicine.  This sickness can only be cured by a substitute.  Just as in Mark 2:17 when Jesus says it is not the healthy, but the sick who need a doctor, it is also true he says, he did not come to call the righteous, but to call sinners.    

Are we willing to see the symptoms of our sin?  Are we willing to move toward those who are spiritually unwell to share with them the hope that far outlasts recovery from whatever pandemic may be raging? 

Like the performance art of the prophets of the Old Testament, the world is a stage pointing to the need for a savior that will take away all fear of what is to come.  Are we seeing the opportunity?  Instead of blaming political figures or doubting the faith or common sense of our brothers and sisters, can we see an opportunity to share the hope of Jesus?  Jesus is our hope, our resurrection, our triumph over sin and the grave.  The backdrop of Easter is set, the characters are ready, and the message is prime for the proclamation.  Will you help raise the curtain or keep yours drawn? 

May we run toward those who need help and healing as we follow the example of our Jesus who followed in obedience even unto the cross.  Even if we perish, we will be with him because he is our healer, our ransom, our redeemer.