God Wants You

God wants us 2

God wants you.

God wants us.

God is love.

God loves you.

God loves us.

God so loved the world…


It is hard to remember that sometimes.  The world makes it hard to breathe at some moments.  The word of God can get choked out in those moments.  And we can get self-centered in those moments.


Now, before I tell on anybody else, I have to tell on myself first.  I know in times when I looked at God to say where is Your love, I was only concerned for myself.  I turned to self-help and professional development and dating apps and social groups and church activities to make myself better.  But God is funny.  He is the Only One that can fill that search for unfailing love (Proverbs 19:22a NIV).


God wants us to be His.  Being a better person, being financially successful, being a social butterfly are all fine.  But Christ’s death and resurrection is because God loves us and He wants us to be His.  God loves us so much that He breaks the bank daily on us (Psalm 68:19).


God wants us so much, that He will take us, as traemari points out, even with our visible scars.  If it means a loss of vital parts, God would rather us be damaged and with Him than to be whole in Hell (Mark 9:43 – 48).  God wants us that much.


To the believer and non-believer alike – God wants us.

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