Falling Away

falling away 2

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. – 1 Timothy 4:1

End Times! Those two words have been on our minds from our youth up. Charts. Graphs. Timelines. Signs. Wonders. Rumors. Wars. Rumors of wars.

We have all the pamphlets and “rapture” specials to make sure we are prepared. Inserted chips, peace treaties, and the “Oh my God” legalization of gay marriage has the local church members setting their watch.

Or so I thought, when I first heard of Christ and His second coming. But as all these events take shape, along with environmental, political, economical, and social shifts in the world – these irreversible shifts are met with indifference.

I look around, and pray for my own heart that I will not fall away. Think about it, outside of Black Lives Matter and Me Too, maybe, the Church has been silent. Mainly because so many of this body, that started to build the tower, stopped building.

They left their tools and found something else to build on. Personal growth. Professional development. The local team. Finding the right one.

I contend, that where end of days movies and tribulation trails get it wrong is, “these last and evil days” will be fun. Take a chip – it’s easier to buy a snack at work. Sleep around – purity is a tad overrated. Attach magic to everything – because black girls/women need THAT TYPE of self-esteem.

Look at all the fun we are having.

But those that endure to the end; That is what our aim needs to be, the end. Keep our faith and what God continues to speak in front of us. Because He wants us to be His. But if we burn our oil on for the good times, I guess it is worth the price of our soul.

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