Adam, Made from Dust

dust 2

Recently, well maybe not so recently, the term male or even masculine has been under assault. In the media, they have coined the term “toxic masculinity”, and even in a video (link is provided below), they have men who are gay, straight, and transgender who do not agree with the term or definition of masculine; more so, on what the synonyms are, and how they did not feel it “fit” their definition of the word. In short, none of the men in the video believe they are, strong, powerful, or even (with the right motives) aggressive. Even more so, for some people the term masculine prohibits their ability to love, cry or even be emotional. I believe this is ludicrous. But their response begs the question or at least leaves a person wondering, what does it mean to truly be a man?

With the wave of transgenderism, the option to “identify” as something different, and the idea that, “God made a mistake,” I think it is important to take it back to the beginning and really break this thing down. It is important for us to understand that God made Adam, from WILDERNESS dirt (Genesis 2:7-15). I am unsure of how many of you have spent time in a desert, or even rough, harsh terrain, but believe me, when I say, nothing about that ground is fertile, soft, or pleasant. I speak from experience having spent more time than I care to on very rocky, rough and wilderness type surfaces. However, what always amazes me is that something manages to live in these environments. Those creatures, plants, etc., are tough, strong, resilient, and able to withstand just about anything.

So now let us look at this definition of masculine. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines masculine as this: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. Have you ever seen the way the desert acts or even creatures in the desert? The wilderness is strong, aggressive and Adam was made from that dust.

I think in the Youtube video I mentioned in the beginning, you are seeing men, who have not had the proper male influences in their lives, who have been hurt, wounded, and scarred and never healed. I think this video, given the current climate of things, plays a key role into the constant and consistent attacks on men who oppose this way of thinking. In a later post I will address the correlation of sexism and sexual harassment as it pertains to the systematic break down of men, but this is indeed a start. However, I think, the idea that being a man is toxic or that masculinity is toxic, strips everything away from being a man. A man can cry, love, be loved and still be masculine in the true sense of the word.

So I feel I need to ask this question, and please review the video before you answer. Does the world have it right? Did we get this wrong? I can tell you my answer, absolutely, unequivocally – No. As a Christian, we are to set the standard, not conform to it. However, we have lost the mark somewhere, so a better question is, how do we get it back? Since when did being a man, become toxic?

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