Sexy Jesus

Shag.  Home run.  Hump.  Get some.  Root (Australian phrase).  Giggity-Giggity!  Sex!  Smash!  Yes, you read it correctly – The most worst kept secret word in American language.  We hide from it but it is very profitable.  Followers of Christ really struggle with this subject.  I question why.  It is different from breathing but it is a fact of life.  God created it right?
So we should be able to discuss it freely.  I say this because too often, there is a thought of “the appropriate time” to bring up money, race, sex, religion, politics, global warming, etc.  They are touchy subjects.  But somehow, the Braves and the Cowboys are always on the table for discussion. (Both teams last won a world title in 1995, my God!)
Yet, believers in Christ, stumble when it comes to sex.  Before I tell on anybody else, I have to tell on myself first.  I am the same guy that took the purity pledge in high school, with little idea on how to build this tower before little things, like, you know, the internet and social media (and Craigslist) would come about. (Luke 14:26-30)

On my social media feed, I see pictures of fitness models on the beach, pole dancers for beginners, and bottoms in places where head and shoulders would normally be.  Sexuality is being embraced.
But it is hard for us to just pluck out our eye or restrict our intake on this.  Why?  Because we have had very little teaching on sex and sexuality.  All we get is, wait until you are married and sex is for procreation, not recreation.
This is how, I believe, we get hooked on pornography or have multiple partners without even realizing we do these things.  Because we are rarely told to love ourselves.  How can we love our neighbors as ourselves if we have a hard time loving ourselves?    Women have qualities and physical features that we should be taught to embrace and respect.  The same should be taught of men as well.
Imagine being taught Abraham saw Sarah as a foxy woman or that King David was handsome as all get out but trusted God and got validation from Him. Or if parents told their kids about 1 Corinthians 7: 5 and displayed public affection.   I think we would have more self worth about ourselves even if we find ourselves alone between the sheets.

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