Cool as a Cat


For whatever reason, it has been suggested that a cat wants to be a lion.  Yes, you heard right, a cat is tired of its current feline status and wants a change.  But from how we view actual cats, I am sure any cat is fine with its makeup.  I will go out on a limb and infer that when Smokey and Sprinkles approach a mirror, they are quite in love with their own unique beauty.  In fact, Zoo Miami  expert, Ron Magill, says that most animals are unaware of their own size.  So Smokey is content when he struts his stuff. Yet, the world’s wisdom wants us to believe, subtly, that to be important or to have an impact, you as God made you, are insufficient.  The world says, you can be great, all you have to do is turn into something that is impossibly out of your range.  Sounds like self-help that has gone out of its mind.  Why should we try to be something God never created us to be?

Listen, this is not to give us an excuse to not push ourselves.  We need to test our talents, abilities, and strengths to the max.  But it is our strengths, not someone else’s strength.  A cat will do well against mice in the city; but it is a safe bet it has little chance of overcoming a wildebeest in the planes.  Yet, the message we are presented is we need to be something out of our range to have success.

Now, this may come off as self-help but lets get higher.  If you allow me to go Sunday morning quickly, Psalm 119:73 states, “Your hands created me and made me what I am. Help me understand so that I may learn Your commandments.”  We are who we are.  The Lord made us the way we are.  Often times, we may think we lack what other people have to be successful.  But God has given us what we need.  And truth be told, the little thing we think we have, is greater than what the world perceives as grand (1 Corinthians 1:25-31).  God takes our smallness and elevates us, not to better ourselves, but to, as Pastor Marvin Winans so eloquently put it, “to make us His”. God wants us to be His, just as He made us.  Rest assured He will stir up the treasures we have on the inside of us, as He teaches us His ways.  He will lead us to good success and He will make us beautiful in His time.  So be a cool cat.  Look to God first and His righteousness, then when we look in the mirror, we can appreciate that our purr is powerful.


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