Passion is the Only Prerequisite

mountain 2

The word passion has been in my head for quite some time. Why? At my age, I am fine. I have a good job, healthy family, money in the bank. I am content. I went down that passionate road many times pursuing dreams, but ended up with disappointment or lost my desire.
Go away passion. Life it good!

Last month, we went on vacation to the West Coast to visit family. One day, we were driving down the 10 freeway in Phoenix and I just could not keep my eyes away from the mountains surrounding us. In awe of the desert’s beauty, I was mesmerized by the height of these mountains. I thought to myself, could I climb that mountain to the top? Or what about that one? While daydreaming about my inner quest, the word PASSION popped in my head. I continued to gaze in silence while pondering the word passion.

“To climb to the top, that is passion. Passion is growing, loving and pursuing Me with all your heart.”

Well, God speaks on vacations!

Passion is a God-given desire that compels us to make a difference in the world. Our passion may be a dream, vision, burden or call. When there is a passion for God, there is a passion to know Him, to obey Him, to serve Him and to proclaim Him. That is all well and very true. Like most, I have many passions.

 – Fitness
 – Travel
 – Sports
 – Cooking
 – Writing

You could probably create a similar list of passions that capture your attention and activities that fill your free time. As I look at my list, I am struck by the fact that these are all temporal pleasures. As much as I love going to the gym and cooking healthy meals, I know there is something more important and permanent. God is calling us deeper, which is a passion for Him. Passion is the only prerequisite for an abundant spiritual life.

There is no right or wrong passion. God gives each of us passions in order to move us to address the various concerns of His heart. When we pursue our passion, or the concerns He places in our heart, we are focused and motivated. We feel alive, intense, and energetic. We were created for more of Jesus, not just once a week at church. Nothing great is ever accomplished in life without passion.

If you imagine climbing a mountain, you have a passion to make it to the top. Although, it can be hard at times and weary. A passion for God is to pursue the knowledge of Him, understanding of Him and deepen your love for Him. We know this will take a lifetime. However, challenge yourself! Renew your strength and run to God. Continue your passion for God. To abide in Him is to hang on tenaciously. It is for eternity.

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”


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