Christian UNIVERSALISM !!!

This is a response to Christians Observing/Using Universal Laws & A Book Called “The Secret”
Define the word “formula” (
a: a set form of words for use in a ceremony or ritual
b: a conventionalized statement intended to express some fundamental truth or principle especially as a basis for negotiation or action

Please note: I’m using the “b” version of this definition (listed above) to establish my thesis/thought.

Newtons Law Of Universal Gravitation

Newtons Law Of Universal Gravitation

Trying to conclude a formulated process of personal purpose and vision, without yielding to a supreme deity of some kind allows a individual to become an idol to themselves.  This is  usually how Universal Laws are used.  The involvement of “god” becomes invalid because the individual is using a works-based system as a foundation to interact with God.  The principle or a formula they are applying, their works and their effort should really be applied to the “effortless-humility” of reception- allowing Christ to do the work for them.  This opportunity exists in everyone’s life (to receive Christ)… it is provided to us by NO EFFORT OF OUR OWN.

When I say effortless, I mean that God provided His own way of redemption to reconcile us back to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.  Because of this “effortless humility” we see a constant flow of GOD’s WILL being attractive to the believer and vice-versa.  All of this (of course) starts with receiving the fact t hat God sent His Son to die for the sins of mankind; thereby rendering us forgiven from ALL kinds of laws, rules, regulations and formulas (though formulas do work, to an extent, in the form of discipline).  Therefore, we don’t have to “do” anything to get to God.  We only have to accept what he already has done- this takes humility. 

Please note: “Receiving” listed above is a function of “effortless humility.”

Because people are trying to apply their works as a set of laws (  that they discovered and give God ABSOLUTELY NO GLORY) that make God accessible I’m sure they will be sorely disappointed.  Knowledge is a tool (that’s it, nothing else) and this tool is designed to serve somebody or something.  If anyone concludes that knowledge is made to serve themselves, more than God, then they are in for a rude awakening.  Gathering knowledge is a divine process and we have to remember that we are receiving something from someone or somebody.  Just because God makes it available doesn’t mean that we have the maturity/wisdom to balance the application thereof; THAT CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN HIS WILL; AND HIS WILL IS FOUND IN HIS SON.

When looking at the totality of things we can conclude that “OHHH THIS IS HOW HE PLANNED IT ALL ALONG!!!!!”  Yup! God desires what he deserves; that’s worship, praise and glory.

With no further thought to your current station in life…stop thinking and give him the praise and worship that he deserves…regardless of how poor you think you are. 


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