Access Not Instant (The SuperBowl Believer)

Victory, Like A Football Game?

As believers, we struggle to walk out our faith everyday, and sometimes we can’t seem to achieve victory in certain areas.  The foundation of our problem, the reason why we can’t achieve victory, is because we think about victory a lot differently than God.  We tend to think of victory like a football game; just a little push n’ pull, a little struggle, timeouts, a few yards up, a few yards back, four 15 minute periods of offense/defense, and then we win…right?

Well, God never said that victory is the absence of struggle or that it would be instantaneous.  God has told us that ultimately victory is already ours in Jesus.  The Enemy of our souls desires to convince us that we are not fighting to maintain a victory that we already have; he wants us to believe that we have to fight to get back into God’s good graces, that we have to fight to survive another day as a Christian, fight to be a good person (as opposed to accepting our identity as one of the redeemed and the righteous people), and fight to obtain the promises of God in our own strength instead of trusting…sound familiar?Superbowl

Should Our Victory Be Instant?

One of his greatest tactics is to get us to believe that as we struggle to obey God that the victory as a result of our obedience should be instant…RIGHT NOW.  Have you ever prayed, expecting instant victory, and gotten the shock of your life?  You find yourself perplexed, sometimes confused, and maybe even a little angry at God for not answering the way you thought that He should.  If we would only quiet our spirits, stop the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sit before the LORD, and read his WORD, we would quickly realize that God has already answered our prayer for deliverance and victory.

Access God’s Power…

The most powerful prayer that a believer could pray in our struggles is not for instant victory, but for access to God’s power to maintain the victory that he has already given us.  Maintaining victory does not mean we’re in control or that we now have the power to be Christ-like in our own strength. It does mean that we are daily learning how to appropriate God’s power and spiritual resources given to us to achieve a consistent and solid witness in the Earth.  The Bible calls this GRACE.  GRACE…it’s more than a cute Christian catch phrase.

NOT INSTANT VICTORY, ACCESS to God’s POWER to achieve victory daily!

What about you, do you find yourself looking for instant victory in your struggles and walk with Christ? Tell us about your experience.

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