Mr. Null & Mrs. Void

I write, but No one reads
I cry, but No one hears
I’m Mr. Null, trying to care
Embarrassed by HER!!!
Embraced by fear

Ignored by breathed instruments
My existence insignificant
Ignored by HER until “No More” cares

Gifts sent to an address returns No speech
Attempts to communicate die Stolen by a thief

Very soon I will die, Ms. Void ignores
“Care” cries aloud, Mr. Null look forward

Participating in death, Mr. Null is ready
to exchange his name confirming Ms. Void reactions towards him were always steady
Nothing causes more pain than Ms. Void’s NOTHINGNESS

Mr. Null’s tragedy was what Ms. Void returned to me
Father, when I die, I want to die swiftly!!!!!


life has no value except your WILL.

(by Dwayne A. Ghant)