revolution by George Barna

Listed below are quotes from this book:

On Leadership…

“… we are becoming a society increasingly focused on personal authenticity

rather than excellence in performance.As the years go by, the balance of

excellence and authenticity will gradually shift to the latter. In ministry

and other areas, we will emphasize personal stories and experience instead of
principles and commands.

We will show a growing appreciation for leaders who operate within a team context rather then those who exhibit charisma and dynamism as captivating solo practitioners.

Organizations that demonstrate inclusiveness will grab our allegiance over those that are perceived to be narrow
or judgmental.”

On Culture…

“The pet peeve of the younger generations is irrelevance:
they quickly abandon anything that is not wholly germane to their
personal passions.

They have significantly altered expectations and lifestyles
through their demand that things foster shared experience and be ‘real,’
adventuresome, and memorable. They have little patience for anything based
on tradition, customs, ease, or social acceptability.

If they do not immediately sense the relevance of something, they dismiss it out of hand and move on to
the next alternative. Remember, in a culture where individual is king and there
are no absolute moral truths, exercising choice without limitations is a cherished