Breath of Life (Friendships Come and Go…)

Breath of life (friendships come and go…)

There was a friendship created for the briefest of moments
And like the wind it breezed for the briefest of moments.
And like a moment it passed with no hesitation or hast.

Wanting moments passed
in fear of time that would waste.

A precious commodity un-regained
memories as transparent as a taste.
the wind unnamed.
tomorrow won’t wait

Tell the wind to blow no more
lest it be the memories I’ll taste.

If its friends I regret
my breath is just a waste.

Breath breathed, memories visited
Breath gone memories abandoned.

Wind your both friend and foe!
I’m sure that I’m just a taste un-shown
Walking through your unknown memories, foretold

Friends don’t come and go like the wind unknown, because the are friends

(By Dwayne A. Ghant)