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lifeseek.org was created with you in mind and because of that we are interested in knowing what you think and feel about the relationship  between your Christ-centered lifestyle and the never ending changes in the world around us. We feel that impact in the world around us begins with knowing God’s voice and what He is saying to those that follow Him.

We want to be a resource for the Body to prepare us to have the Power to live in the context of God’s intent for our lives. We hope that our user-driven content will be on the forefront of what’s happening in the body worldwide.

We welcome any content that you want to share on any of the various topics:

•Science, Technology & Innovation
•Faith, Theology & World Religions
•Government & Politics
•Arts,  Entertainment & Popular Culture
• Economic, Commerce & Business
•Media & Current Events
•Book Review and Suggestions
•Church Resources
•Missional Living
• Intimacy & True Worship

Submissions: The best format for your submission would be in a Word document. You can email it to the lifeseek team at lifeseek@lifeseek.org. Your submission will be posted upon the lifeseek’s team review. It is not guaranteed that your post will be published. All submissions will be on a donation basis, but will include your short bio and  picture.

With  a growing network of over 1000 friends and followers on many of the major social networks(facebook, twitter, etc.), we will make sure that we publish your content across our network.

Monthly Blog: The monthly blog or blog of interest will be written by one of our main contributors.  This blog will usually be on a popular theme, a current event, somewhat controversial topics, or anything that has been researched enough to begin facilitating discussion of this topic on our site.  The following is a loose outline or template of what one of these submissions could look like.

*this template is not in any way to impede or stifle the writers creativity process, instead it is designed to help guide thoughts, narrow content down, and ultimately serve to make all submissions somewhat uniform.*


  • Intro ( beginning thoughts, how you came up with the theme, background/history)
  • Main Body (Why is this topic important?  Why is is relevant to the times we live in? Relevant to the Body of Christ?)
  • Supporting documentation ( recent articles, peer reviewed articles, up to date research, other media)
  • Discussion ( why is this a topic that should continue to be brought up? what can we do as individuals/group to make a difference? personal thoughts/feelings?)
  • Conclusion/ Recommendations ( how does it all tie together? how does the author suggest that we continue to view this issue?  Where can we see this topic going in the next 3, 5, 0r 10 years? Personal thoughts/feelings?)

*Please proofread all submissions for spelling and grammatical errors. Please note that all submissions will be edited for spelling, grammar, content, style, and spacing.

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