We All Got Scars.

scars 2

“I cannot tell anyone this secret. If anyone finds out, I would just die. I couldn’t imagine suffering that way again or even wishing anyone experience the pain I went through.”

How many times have you heard those type of words before or even said them yourself? Those words came from a close friend. She suffered abuse in her childhood by a family member. It broke her into pieces as it went on for years. Today, she is still feeling the effects of it…going from one bad relationship to another. Such a beautiful soul, but torn by the wicked scars.

Often I encourage her with words that can hopefully heal her from her scars. But the thoughts of wanting to heal is not sinking into her to life. “I cannot forget the past. My situation is different from others.”

I’ve heard this rationale from others many times. It’s one of the enemy’s favorite deceptions. He makes us believe that the scars of our past or present are ugly and deforming. I have to admit, I live with SCARS. We all live with scars. My friend’s scars are different from mine, but how we live with them are different from everyone else.

When pain from scars calls, our most basic beliefs about God come into question:

  • Is God competent?
  • Is God really so powerful to get me through this?
  • Does God seem to care about my scars?

The answer to all three is YES! He does. He can redeem even our most painful experiences. We should not despair when we experience painful circumstances in the past and present. Rather, we need to look for how God can use those scars.

I’ve learned over the years to stop saying, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Instead, I say to God, ‘Okay, what now? This has brought on deep pain, but where I can I go from here?’

Show Your Scars.

The way we allow God to use our scars is by sharing them with others. We hide our past hurts from people around us either because we are ashamed or because we fear rejection. Carrying the scars can limit the ways in which God is able to use us. If we allow Him to, God will use our deepest hurt to develop our greatest testimony. There are others around who have been redeemed from the most painful experiences and God wants to use our past to propel us and show others the way to redemption.

Musician TobyMac made a song called Scars. Part of it says, “When life cuts so deep, try and remember you are not alone. We’ve all been there. Scars come with livin. You are not alone. We’ve all been there…so lift your head. Lift your head up to where your help comes from. Yeah, you, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Scars come with livin.”

But our God can use those scars and transform our lives into something beautiful. Let Him do it.

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